California Desert: San Diego to El Centro - 24th September 2005

With nearly a whole weekend to play around with, and armed with a V-6 Chrysler Sebring convertible, I take a trip out to the desert east of San Diego. The drive goes from San D along Interstate 8, then off on Route 98 to Calexico (a few miles from the Mexico border towards Yuma) followed by Heber and El Centro. The centre of the desert is ragingly hot - in the region of 37°C (~ 100°F) and it doesn't take long before the lid has to be closed on the convertible as any longer in the sun would probably have given me 3rd-degree burns

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Scrub off I-8


A truck stops for a break

Yucca plants

Telegraph pole and cloud, near Jacumba, on dirt road off I-8

A self-portrait (thanks to mini-tripod) of Nosher and the convertible

Roadside hoarding in the middle of nowhere, advertising to no-one


Desert plant, Route 98

Along the roadside, every few-hundred yards, are flagged buckets with containers of water for emergencies and suchlike

The convertible

Classic vanishing-point view of Route 98

The highway shimmers like a ribbon in the heat

Electricity pylons, Route 98

Abandoned dairy near Calexico, California/Mexico border

Derelict building close-up

The dairy's front-door, all shot-up

Smashed 1930s-style windows

Inside the dairy

Union Pacific Railroad yard, El Centro

Warehouse and Watertower, El Centro

Heavy locomotives

A line of spare wheel-sets rusts slowly away

More rolling stock

Wheels in black-and-white

Railroad crossing

Graffitoed loco

Pizza Hut sign, quaintly spaced

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Scrub off I-8