Scrub off I-8

Scrub off I-8

A solitary actually-green tree

A truck stops for a break

A gravel road

Telegraph pole and cloud, near Jacumba

More desert scrub

A selfie of Nosher and the Sebring convertible

Wisteria Candy Cottage hoarding

Desert scrub and a petrol station

Spiky cactus and the Wisteria sign

Restrictions in the desert

Vanishing-point road

Desert Ocotillo plant, Route 98

A Budget rent-a-van trundles by

Emergency water spots in the desert

The Sebring convertible

Classic vanishing-point view of Route 98

Cars on the ribbon of a highway

Massed electricity pylons on Route 98

The pylons stride off into the desert

An abandoned dairy near Calexico

The abandoned dairy

The dairy's front-door, all shot-up

Smashed 1930s-style windows

Inside the dairy

A curious house-letterbox on a stick

Loco 7675 - a big lump of metal

A beat-up train at El Centro

Train and hut at El Centro

More dusty rail-yard action

Warehouse and Watertower, El Centro

Heavy locomotives

A line of spare wheel-sets rusts slowly away

Rusty wheels and the loco 'Cotton Belt'

Loco 7275 - Cotton Belt

More rusty wheels

A deserted warehouse

An El Centro railroad crossing

The railway yard

Graffiti tags on a locomotive

A loco between some other engines

A Union Pacific train

7300 and 7655 El Paso

Looking back into El Centro

A homeless dude has a sleep

Pizza Hut sign, quaintly spaced