It's the building of the new Baldock bypass

It's the building of the new Baldock bypass

Bits of tarmac and cones

A Baldock moon-scape

Tail-fins shimmer in the exhaust from a 747 APU

A bunch of heavies under Heathrow control tower

The view from the Marriott Del Mar hotel room

John and Russell in PF Changs, La Jolla

Russell raises a beer

Russell grabs some food

Shiny buildings near the hotel

Sunset in a glass building

Buildings reflected in buildings

On the I-5 heading to Rancho Santa Fe

In the restaurant

Kevin from Sprint and Brian Dunphy

Some fancy wine is tasted

Wine is served

Marc Nijdam gets a 'Shirley Temple'

Brian waves some food around

The sea front at Torrey Pines

A bit of the famous Torrey Pines golf course

Fence posts lead away

A lone jogger on the beach

A danger sign

Ken kneels down to take a shot along the beach

An old surfer dude with his board

Nice colours on the clifftops

The sun sets like a hydrogen bomb

Mist rolls in off the sea

An antenna on the clifftop

Light pollution from San Diego

A stack of paper cups in a meeting room

One of the Qualcomm meeting rooms

Solana Beach at night

The scene in the Marriott Hotel bar

Dancing in the hotel bar

The view from behind the bar

Salsa dancing

Shiny buildings near the hotel

A night-time view out of the hotel window

Nosher's room, with hurricane Rita on TV

More building reflections