Torrey Pines 2: Sunsets and Beach Life - 22nd September 2005

Ken D, from Qualcomm, takes Nosher out for a photo session in Torrey Pines state park, near Del Mar just outside San Diego. The primary mission was to look out for a rocket launch from Vandebergh AFB, which sadly wasn't seen (probably due to clouds which drifted over just at the wrong time). However, it was still a good session, and was capped off with an excellent home-cooked dinner and evening of political conversation courtesy of Ken and his wife.

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The cliffs of Torrey Pines and the Pacific Ocean

Ken kneels down to take a shot along the beach

Long shadows on the beach

An old surfer dude hauls his board up all the way from the beach

Nice colours on the clifftops

Interesting wavelets

There's gold in the sea


The mist rolls in. The orange spot is a campfire on the beach

Light pollution from San Diego - antenna in the dark

Desert plant

High-altitude clouds lit from the long-set sun (plus a couple of stars)

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The cliffs of Torrey Pines and the Pacific Ocean