Hands off Hartismere

Hands off Hartismere

A jester with 'We love you Hartismere'

Denny shows off her placard

Milling around

The Mayor gets interviewed

Denny's chatting away

The Women's Institute banner

The crowds build up

Silent protest

The Rozzers' spy-cam car keeps watch

MP Sir Michael Lord

What care in the community?

A Gislingham Silver Band cornet player

Julian from the GSB chats to the organiser

A big banner is unfurled

The organiser kicks things off with a loud-hailer

The Gislingham Silver Band leads the march off

The crowd leaves the hospital

The march makes its way down Castleton Way

A small dog leads the way

Denny holds her placard aloft

Turning out onto Victoria Hill

The organiser with a megaphone

Terry leads the Gislingham Silver Band

Streaming past the crinkle-crankle wall

The Gislingham Silver Band provides marching music

Into Eye's town centre

A couple of girls dance along from their window

The GSB on Lambseth Street

The march heads round the back of the town hall

The crowd piles in to the town hall

Andy P - special Rozzer

The packed hall waits for things to kick off

The press, and the Diss Express photographer

Michael Lord prepares to speak

Mr. Incognito - The Man's not gonna spy on him

A pause

Some applause

Next question please...

The crowd is held in rapt attention

Michael Lord communicates via loud-hailer

More applause from Cyril Hammond

A girl looks up

The town hall crowd

A TV interview occurs

A placard is waved as Michael Lord is on telly

More interviewing from a Hartismere pupil

The bull-horn's work is done

Denny with an old geezer

The speaking is over

A Cub reporter takes notes

The attractive frontage of Hartismere Hospital