A car negotiates Lake Milton

A car negotiates Lake Milton

The flooded junction

Another car braves the floods

A fish's-eye view

The flood covers the whole width of Milton Road

The beer garden of the Grinning Rat in Ipswich

Russell points to two St. Edmund House plant pots

In the Dakha Diner, pre-ambling on Bombay mix

Andrew in the Dakha

Andrew and Russell

The lads raise a beer

The Dakha is strangely empty for a Friday night

Andrew mills about on Saturday morning

Andrew points to Milo

Milo miaows by the door

Feeding the fish

Andrew points to one of his prized marrows

Andrew's marrows

The back of the house

Milo the cat

Andrew's garden

Milo peers out from his favourite hiding place

The remains of the Ipswich Bagel Bakery

More dereliction on Upper Orwell Street

Close up to the Ipswich Bagel Bakery

The closed-down 'Fruits of the Earth'

Another sad, failed, shop

A bunch of lads outside the closed-down Ice Bar

Outside Ice Bar

On the very top of Westgate Street

Ipswich monsoon season strikes

More rain on Westgate Street

Wet cobbles on Westgate Street

It's truly lashing

Umbrellas and buggies

The derelict cottage in Wortham

There's actually someone living in it

A view from the garden

The Oaksmere's drive

A fan inflates the balloon

Inside the balloon's envelope

The passengers pile into the basket

The balloon lifts off

It's up, up and away

A carpet of dead leaves