Sally and Paul's Wedding on the Pier, Southwold, Suffolk - 3rd September 2005

Nosher gatecrashes Sally and Paul's wedding on the end of Southwold Pier, on the Suffolk coast, to lurk around taking photos whilst trying to avoid the official dudes

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John Willy gives Sally a bit of a hug, as they're a bit early

Sally has a laff

Stepping on to SouthwoldPier

John escorts Sally along the pier, under the gaze of curious onlookers

Sally pauses for a photo

A snog after the service

Photos of the signing

Paul and Sally do the fake signing thing

Spammy (with mouth closed!)

Sally and Paul do the walk

More photos at the end of the pier

A group photo

Wedding-guest mingling

A moment of reflection

A confetti moment

Sally gets her train out

John Willy gives a handshake

Crowds watch Tim Hunkins' clock

A view of the pier

There's a bit of a mist along the groynes

On Southwold promenade

Some dude looks out to sea

The lifeguard hut

A walk on the prom

Beach huts

More colourful beach huts

The old sea mine

Southwold pier

A simple changing hut

There's a Water-Aid choir performing on the beach

Crowds watch the choir

An empty sea-front

Oh, to be at sea

A view through beach-hut porches

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John Willy gives Sally a bit of a hug, as they're a bit early