The chicken-shit power station on Eye airfield

The chicken-shit power station on Eye airfield

A tractor trundles around near Pakenham

A tractor turns around

It's all a bit harrowing

A bee does its thing

A field of sunflowers

Sunflowers near Denham

A Denham sunflower field

A teleporter follows a trailer around

The old Hoxne Service Station

Old petrol pumps in Hoxne

An old diesel pump

A marquee outside the village hall in Brome

Alfie roams around

Alfie Elliot mills about with his tankard

Clive 'Chickens' with his military vehicles

Local resident Frank arrives

DH and Marc lean against the village hall

Alfie again

Alfie leans against the village hall

Alfie and Marc

Hanging around by the village hall

Alfie slurps a pint

It's like the 1940s

A woman in an appropriate dress talks to the vicar

Lofty Land, the social club's barman

Clive in his gear

Lofty, side on

A veteran (left) talks about flying escapades

An impressive collection of memorabilia

More history rummaging

In the village hall

The balloons are out

Maurice Hammond's Stearman flies around

Alfie borrows Marc's combat helmet and salutes

Clive's collection of stuff

Alfie again

The village elders

Peter West chats to John Lummis

Alfie Elliot

Ellie hangs around

On Brome Street

The Brome and Oakley village sign, from 2000