Maurice Hammond's Stearman flies over

Maurice Hammond's Stearman flies over

There's a horse in the next-door field

The horse in its field

Alex, Max and Henry stroll back to the house

One of the doctor's daughters tests out the PA

Jo's got a camera

The stage is set

Photos in the garden

The host (right), plus daughter

The whole family

Max, Henry, Alex and Jo peer out from the marquee

We inspect the swimming pool

Jo and Max in the garden

guests mill around in the garden

The band hangs out in the garden

Henry stands around in the dark

A frisky foal

The foal wanders off

The stables

Rob strides across the lawn with a beer in hand

The band in the garden

Rob the guitar

A hockey-girl's tee-shirt causes much amusement

Rob and Wilma, with Alex and the hockey-girl shirt

Dinner is served

In the kitchen for dinner

The band after being fed

Rob models this year's trend: sheepskin skirts

Rob warms up in a lounge

The house at night

Max gets his guitar out

The BBs are on stage

A view from behind Rob

Nosher and some keyboard action

Henry on drums

After the gig, the dancing continues

Jo sings on

More wedding dancing

Jo is caught out