Life on the Neonatal Ward: Clairesprog - 26th August 2005

Claire and Paul's sprog arrived two months early, and so is ensconced in the the special-care neonatal ward at Ipswich Hospital. Nosher has never been to such a place, and so when the opportunity arrived to a) offer a lift and b) see what it was all about, it couldn't be missed. It's perhaps difficult to appreciate (until having seen them) that these are infants that would ordinarily be doing what they're doing inside the womb, and so it's a fascinating insight into life -2 months. Being as such, there's not much activity; its a kind of edge-of-consciousness. Several tens of photos are taken before there's one captured with eyes open...

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In the ward. There are 6 similar lidless incubators in the room

Sleepy intubation

At 3 pounds and 44 centimeters fully stretched, Matthew is truly tiny

Eyes open, and a good frown at the camera

The nurses discuss progress

Another peer at the world, and an even-better frown

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In the ward. There are 6 similar lidless incubators in the room