Life on the Neonatal Ward, plus Dairy Farm and the Chapel, Ipswich and Thrandeston, Suffolk - 26th August 2005

Claire and Paul's sprog arrived two months early, and so is ensconced in the the special-care neonatal ward at Ipswich Hospital. Nosher has never been to such a place, and so when the opportunity arrived to a) offer a lift and b) see what it was all about, it couldn't be missed as it's a fascinating insight into life -2 months. Before that, there are some post-pub photos of the phone box on the A140, just up from the Swan - before the rozzers swing by to see what suspicious activity is occuring. Then, The Boy Phil is moving bales around, then we wander around to visit the old chapel and see the cows up at Dairy Farm

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A star trail

Torchlight streaks in the dark

Nosher's face can't overcome Humphries' orange barf glow

A view in the dark

There's a moon-lit mist in Oaksmere's field

The Swan, as seen from the Oaksmere's trees

A phone box is full of light

The phone box on the A140

The Swan phone box

Nosher in the box, just before the rozzers swing by

Nosher's old boilder blows up

So a new boiler is installed

In the ward. There are 6 similar lidless incubators in the room

At 3 pounds and 44 centimeters fully stretched, Matthew is truly tiny

Claire looks at Matthew

Eyes open, and a good frown at the camera

The nurses discuss progress

A bowl full of peppers from the greenhouse

There's a nice rainbow in the Mere fountain

Diss Mere

A girl with very pink hair gets a photo taken

A Moorhen's bizarre feathered feet do the business under water

A goose floats around looking for trouble

'Mad' Sue from Stuston roams around

It's not often you get to see ducks' feet paddling

A duck jumps out on to the edge of the Mere

The comedian duck has a good laugh

A derelict roof on Valley Farm

The Boy Phil is out in the tractor

Phil hauls some bales around

An old chapel in the fields of Thrandeston

The old chapel, close up

Thistles in a field

The old chapel again

A cow tries to lick the camera

A curious cow

A cow actually licks the tripod

Fresians in black and white

The old cow shed at Dairy Farm

Light bursts through the gaps in the door

There's a bit of clutter on the floor

Bits of old metalwork

The cows hang around in the yard

Some young calves in a shed

Dairy Farm

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A star trail