A patriotic shed just outside Ramona

A patriotic shed just outside Ramona

The patriotic shed, and a stop sign

Postboxes on sticks, on Littlepage Lane

A fork in the road

Scrub by the side of the road

Desertey scrub

R-78 and an emergency phone

R-78 heads to the mountains

The hire car - a V-8 Mustang convertible

R-78 winds down into Santa Ysabel

A Santa Ysable real-estate agent

The Santa Ysabel general store

The porch of the general store

Rusting farm machinery, with a Farmall tractor

An antique shop with a whole heap of stuff outside

More rusting equipment

A derelict cart props a sign up

A big 'sem-eye' hauls a trailer-full of beer

David Huls' Scrimshaw Studio on R-78

There are a couple of 50s pickups in the yard

The pleasant, almost-twee town of Julian

Julian's town hall

Empty bench and ice machine

Covered sidewalks

The old Julian Garage, from 1917

A horse and buggy trots down the road

A classic yellow fire hydrant

A Julian crossroads

The W. E. Cole building: Pistols and Petticoats

A small-town liquor store

Dark skies amass behind a house on a hill

A wind-driven water pump

Burned-out shrubs

The darks skies loom over Cuyamaca

Desert scrub in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Bush fires a few years ago have left their mark

Scary clouds

More skeletal trees

Sunset over a mountain

More sunset action

The Mustang hire-car by the roadside

Frosty Burger in Guatay, near I-8

Lights from a gas station reflect in the wet tarmac

Closed: No Loitering

A closed, but brightly-lit shop in the dark

The view from the hotel room

Eucalyptus tree

Prickly Pear cactus

The curious erosion of Torrey Pine

Dennis Hernandez looks out

The calm Pacific ocean

Sunset over the Pacific

A nighttime view from the hotel window

For some reason, this sign was amusing

A stretch limo comes to pick Nosher up

Nosher's feet in a stretch limo

A school bus on the highway

The I-5 is rammed in both directions