Nosher's desk light, for some reason

Nosher's desk light, for some reason

The Sock dozes on the office windowsill

Sophie in a stubble field

A Suffolk sunset

Soph-Bags stalks dust motes in the evening

Soph-bags looks around


It looks like day, but it's the light of the moon

The greenhouse is in full swing

The Boy Phil cues up in the Stradbroke Queen's Head

Suey takes a shot

Qualcomm Cambridge at Bar@2wenty4

Nadine looks over

Bill chats to Nadine

Dave and Nadine

Dave Berry at the bar

Drinks in the sun

Dave inspects the relish on his New York burger

Tim Simpson does a speech

Tim the after-dinner speaker and raconteur

Nadine does a brief speech

Nadine smiles

Richard Panton makes a flying visit

Richard's got a mug of tea on the go

Richard roams around

James at his desk

Richard lights up a fag in his new second home

Richard does a tour of the facilities

Richard in the driver's seat

Richard and the van

The back field is full of basil

Diss Publishing's new build carries on

Down at Revolution Records

Alex Hill does an in-store set

Alex sings

Alex Hill

Rory Hill on Bass

More singing

Time for a slurp of water

The gang from Revs

Tom Folkard on guitar

The view from the end of a bass guitar

Tom gets into it

An appreciative crowd in Revs

Rob Folkard - roadie

On Mere Street, Rob Folkard helps load up the gear

Stef, Paz and Tom hang around outside

Mark on the till