Trigenix HR bod Wendy turns up with a baby

Trigenix HR bod Wendy turns up with a baby

'Power Sprog' Rosie has a lot of hair

Wendy heads off

Martin D checks the coastline for lost ships

Craig grins from the other side of the bar

Liam at the Q-Ton bar

Steve Ives, and Andrew Clarke in the background

Dan chats to Steve

Hanging around outside

Steve Hunt's got a beer

Tim Simpson does his best 'Catalogue Man' pose

Nick removes his shades in preparation to eat

Steve, Dan and Bill

Marcello pulls a strange face

Craig looks up

Marcello chats to Andrew

The graphics team, as Lucy tries to hide

Steve talks to Craig

Craig and Stan have left the building

Craig makes a daring dash across Milton Road

A sliver of moon

Contrails in the sunset

Soph-bags sits on Vehicle A

The clouds bleed deep red for a few seconds

Stef picks a strawberry up

Francis looks at nachos

Craig and Stef dig in

Lucy makes up some more Buck's Fizz

Isobel contemplates a strawberry

John Scott looks around

The Trigenix/Qualcomm gang

Isobel hangs around at the back

Dan gets some fizz

James chats with Liam and Nick

Isobel's at the bar

Nick gets animated

Sophie freaks out in the stubble

A combine with a trail of dust

The harvest is coming in in the side field

A New Holland trundles around

The bridge over the river at Syleham, by the mill

Sophie in the stubble

Sophie surveys the stubble