A Trip to the Seaside: The Walberswick Charity Bike Ride Part 1 - 9th July 2005

It's that time of year when the Brome Swan Cycle Club does its long(ish)-distance cycle ride for charideee, this year returning to the picturesque village of Walberswick on the Suffolk coast - some 28 miles away from "base" (and thus a 56-mile round trip). The route goes out through Brome, Hoxne, Cratfield, Heveningham, Walpole, Bramfield, Wenhaston (for a stop at the Star Inn and a few early beers, after waiting for a while for it to open as the landlords had gone out to get some potatoes) and skirts the edge of Blythburgh before crossing the A12 and heading to the sea. After lunch, and a few more beers (by which time early drizzle had given way to pleasant sunshine) at the Walberswick Bell, it's time to crash out on the beach and doze for a few hours. The return trip has some "splinter-group" stop-offs; firstly at the Huntingfield Arms, and then the Cratfield Poacher.

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The Thursday before, in the Thorndon Black Horse

On the way out to Walberswick, there's some directional indecision so a map is consulted

Spammy eats a banana, whilst waiting for the potato people to return and let us in

At the Wenhaston Star in the 'Snog Diner' (well, that's what it looks like). No snogging was to be seen, although Colin and Jill were seen to hold hands...

Apple looks out of the window all atmospherically

Apple gives Pip some of his nuts

Spammy has a nice, hot, cup of tea

Bill manages to clonk his head on a nearby hanging basket

Wavy turns up hours later...

...whilst the 'Saga group' head off to Walberswick

Shortly, the rest of the 'fast' group turn up, by way of an emergency stop for pasties and sausage rolls

Bill pretends to have breasts (again)

The late team, and what looks like a field of set-aside

Wavy on the steps of the pub

In the garden of the Walberswick Bell, Paul looks reflective

Jon 'Ninja' M, in-between Pip and Jill

Wavy nods off

Colin in the sun

On the way back, whilst pausing for hiccups, some horses ride by near Bramfield

Heveningham Hall prepares for its open day

Wavy in the evening sun in the garden of the Huntingfield Arms

The Cratfield Poacher

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The Thursday before, in the Thorndon Black Horse