Wavy chats to Colin in the Black Horse, Thorndon

Wavy chats to Colin in the Black Horse, Thorndon

Bill and Wavy

In the Thorndon Black Horse, the previous Thursday

Colin in the Black Horse

Wavy and Bill at the bar

Apple, Pippa and Paul

There's a stop to check we're going the right way

Bill does some tyre pumping

Spammy's on the bananas

Jill sits and waits

Colin and the gang wait for the pub to open

At the bar of the Star

Apple looks out of the window on the Star Inn

Jill waits for a gin or something

Apple gives Pip some of his nuts

Bill with a pint

Pippa and Apple on a bench

Spammy sits alone

More of the gang outside the Star

Spammy has a cup of tea

Bill bangs his head on a nearby hanging basket

Wavy turns up hours later

The path to the pub is a bit overgrown

The 'Saga group' heads off to Walberswick

Wavy catches up on beer

The rest of the 'fast' group turns up

The Boy Phil on his bike

DH walks past Marc's abandoned bicycle

Ninja M and Paul

Bill pretends to have breasts (again)

Bill manages to balance a pint on his 'breasts'

We stand around in what looks like set-aside

DH, Marc and Bill

Wavy on the steps of the pub

Paul looks around at the Walberswick Bell

Wavy nods off

Colin in the sun

The Bell's beer garden

Bill brings some pints back from the bar

Bill has a sleep

Wavy finds a nice cushion to sit on

Salad dressing in a fancy brandy bottle

Ninja M sleeps in the dunes

Suey lobs a small stone at the sea

Wavy roams around with an ice cream

The gang on the beach

Ninja M dozes on the beach

Looking up to Blackshore in Southwold

Marc and Bill have a wrestle

Marc on the beach

Bill makes a sandcastle

More sleeping

Bill finds the sea a bit cold

Marc brings more ice creams

The Boy Phil

Marc does something to DH's feet

Marc drags Bill off to the sea

DH heads off

On the crabbing bridge

A tiny window

Some horses ride by near Bramfield

Heveningham Hall prepares for its open day

The endless fence around Heveningham Hall

Wavy in the evening sun at the Huntingfield Arms

Wavy sits on the grass

Outside the Huntingfield Arms

The Cratfield Poacher

Outside the Poacher