The gang at Bury St Edmund's bus station

The gang at Bury St Edmund's bus station

Suey and Phil queue up for merchandise gouging

Support act The National are on stage

The crowds in the footbal stadium

Jen and Simon in the crowd

Umbrellas are out as it starts lashing rain

The crowd deals with several deluges

The rain lashes down

Possibly Coldplay, it's hard to tell

It's like wartime searchlights

The crowd in the fading light

Chris Martin on piano

An umbrella hat

More striking searchlights

An impressive light show

A spooky photo of Phil and Suey

The stage explodes with light

The rain dumps on the crowd after the gig finishes

The bad weather continues with lightning at home

Diss Publishing's new extension in progress

The new extension and a bit of the old building

Snails are on the loose in the back garden

A snail scales a wall

More mollusc action

Eyes on stalks

More eyes on stalks

The greenhouse is going well