A rose, with a bit of flash fill

A rose, with a bit of flash fill

The Sock roams around

A sort-of sunset over the side field

Vehicle 'A' by the A14 at Saxham

A full moon - the nearest for ages

Pollution from the chicken-shit power station

Soph-bags stands on top of a tree

The BBs at the bar

Rob leans on the bar

Rob and Jo

Max looks around

The band is set in the corner of the marquee

Jo talks to a wedding parent

The bride and father

Max and Henry are all over the buffet

The band, plus Alex the sound engineer

The band chats in a field

Alex, the sound engineer

Alex finds something amusing

Nosher with a loud shirt

Rob has a swig

Some dude tells us something

Jo giggles

The first dance

Max on bass

Rob does some twanging

Jo sticks her tongue out