The BBs do a Wedding Gig at Syleham, Suffolk - 25th June 2005

The BBs are playing a wedding gig in a field in Syleham, which Henry the drummer, who was playing at Glastonbury the day before, has come back early for. Before that, there's a bit of randomness including the orange barf-glow from Roy Humphries' increasing-pointless floodlighting of empty fields, as well as half of Suffolk

next album: A Combine Harvester and the Pig Roast, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 26th June 2005
previous album: Another 1940s Dance, Ellough Airfield, Beccles, Suffolk - 24th June 2005

A rose, with a bit of flash backlighting

The Sock roams around

A sort-of sunset over the side field

Vehicle 'A' by the A14 at Saxham, near Bury St Edmunds

A full moon - the lowest and apparently (in the optical-illusion sense) largest for a long time

Light and smoke pollution from the chicken-shit power station on the airfield

Soph-bags stands on top of a tree

The BBs at the bar

Rob leans on the bar

Jo talks to a parent

The bride and father

The band, plus Alex the sound engineer, in the field

Alex, the sound engineer

Nosher with a loud shirt

Rob has a swig

Some dude tells us something

Jo giggles

The first dance

Max on bass

Rob does some twanging

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A rose, with a bit of flash backlighting