The morning after

The morning after

Bill checks his trousers

Marc does a fry up

The ATC cadets do some drill

A motorbike churns out some serious pollution

DH looks around

Bill does a convincing impression of Jon Culshaw

Marc roams around

The tents are packed up

Suey and Bill do a roll up

A truck with machine guns on it called 'Claire'

We have a look around the military vehicles

The leaping cat on the front end of a 40s Jaguar

A dude stands by his Willys jeep

DH roams around in his RAF gear

A nice hot cup of tea from a van

The Debach hangar

Cockpit instruments from a B24 Liberator

Another instrument panel, maybe B17

Marc gets quizzed on uniform authenticity

Richard cycles around

Another cycling airman

Reversing a Jeep

A GI sergeant checks his bayonet

The gang roams around

A whole line of Willys Jeeps

The Boy Phil roams around

Military oddment sales

A reconstruction of an unexploded bomb site

Marc looks out of a window

Sue peers through an opening

An open-top Jeep with a flag

A 1:24 scale model of the B24 Liberator 'Hookem Cow'

The dude works on his model

The models are trundled up to the runway

The Sherman tank rumbles past the control tower

The ATC hang around

The ATC lads take a break

The crowds watch Maurice Hammond's fly-by in Janie

A bloke looks out of a tank

This guy looks properly worried

DH in a tank

Nosher and DH in the Sherman tank