Russell McHugh and chum in the bar at the hotel

Russell McHugh and chum in the bar at the hotel

Marc and Stef

A fancy room in the Manchester Grand Hyatt

Nick gives the 'can I have some more' look

A seafood paella on the go

The main room, as seen from the balcony

Stef gets a drink

A good slug of tequila is poured

A massive wok and some mange tout

Stef and Marc Nijdam chat to people


A cocktail in a tall glass

The cocktail-bar girls

The party fills up

Funky party lighting is switched on

The BREW icon dances around

The DJ, up in his booth

Spotlights light up the room

Huey Lewis

Huey takes a photo

Harmonica action

It's hip to be square, or something

The guitar dude

A saxaphone solo

There's an acapella moment

Huey Lewis and the News

More action on a Stratocaster

Huey Lewis can still jump around

It's the dawn of mobile phone photos at gigs

The gig is over

Huey Lewis and band take a bow

Huey says hello to the crowds

Back in the Hall of Sporting Legends

A yellow glitter ball

Disco dancing

The glitter ball does its thing

Joel, who we knew from Motorola, and his wife

Nick croons along to Eagles' 'Take it Easy' on the karaoke

The overtly ostentacious lobby of the monster Hyatt hotel