The Padres at Petco Park: A Baseball Game, San Diego - 31st May 2005

Nosher is despatched to San Diego, California, to help man a stand at the BREW Developers' Conference 2005. Shortly after pitching up at the hotel after an 18-hour journey, it's time to head off to watch local baseball team, the San Diego Padres, take on the Milwaukee Brewers. Qualcomm generously provided both the entry ticket, plus a number of "beer vouchers" which were quickly pressed into service to purchase both beer and foot-long chili dogs (with cheese) in the great US tradition of sporting-related health food. In the bleachers were Nosher, plus Nick and Stef from Cambridge, as well as Anwar from London and an assortment of other local Qualcomm employees. Dotted around the ground in the "royal boxes" were all the sales people, schmoozing customers no doubt. Luckily, Nick happens to hold US citizenship, and so was imbued with the understanding of the game (having played it at school) and so the rest of us were only slightly in the dark as to what was going on. The game ended 8-4 to the Padres after an exciting late-innings comeback. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, it was the third-smallest crowd of the season at just over 23,000.

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Nick, Stefan and Anwar up in the bleachers

Some pitcher's mound action

Milwaukee Brewers' player No. 45 was getting a proper ribbing from the partisan Padres crowd

The peanut girl

Stef concentrates hard as he figures out the game

A vista of Petco Park - home of the Padres

Tweet, the lady from QIS San Diego who handed out tickets and beer-vouchers, talks to Anwar

Anwar and Stef trade places

Stef holds up his ice-cream tub

The track is raked during an innings break

Over in an adjacent stand, Mr McHugh entertains a customer

A sportsfan checks out the giant scoreboard just behind us

Several kids have bought along their own catchers mitt, hoping to field a stray homer

The guy with the balloon hat

The balloon dude points at something

Padres mascots entertain the crowds (Dancing Homer, anyone?)

Some more scenes of the park

San Diego get a home run. The crowd goes wild as the bases are loaded, giving the Padres 4 runs

Fireworks are set off to celebrate the homer

The teams shake hands

Sal, one of the on-hand guides dotted around

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Nick, Stefan and Anwar up in the bleachers