We pass Wavy's caravan on the way to Stradbroke

We pass Wavy's caravan on the way to Stradbroke

Apple and Spammy cycle along the Stradbroke road

There's a VW Golf in a field of wheat

Two contrails cross like the flag of St. Andrew

Nosher gets actual ADSL 'broadband' installed

Hopgood's Gentlemen's outfitters in Diss

Mere Street on a Saturday morning

Spammy slugs out a slimline tonic

The Gissing Crown

The BSCC outside the Crown in Gissing

A water Tower on the way to Burston

Phil and Paul read the paper in the Burston Crown

Wavy gets the chips in outside the Cock Inn

A chum of Suey's happens by

Wavy eats a big battered sausage

Sophie scratches a flea

The Sock

The Aphrodite statue

The Sock again

Soph-bags looks up at something

A close-up of Sophie

The Sock shows off her secret fur

A nice sunset over the side field

The sky turns burning gold

Sophie in the wheat at night

A pink rose, wet from the rain

The 'slim your bin' balloon takes off

A sunset near Occold

The sun sets through the water tower at Redlingfield

A CFL bulb through a diffraction grating

A bit of hedge, diffracted

A candle diffracts into rainbow candles