BSCC Bike Rides and Fun With Diffraction Gratings, Gissing and Diss - 26th May 2005

There's a bike ride out to Stradbroke White Horse (from the week before), featuring a VW Golf that had somehow found its way into the middle of a field. Next, there's another ride to Gissing Crown and Burston Crown, followed by a stop-off at the Cock Inn, Fair Green in Diss for sausage and chips, courtesy of Wavy. Oh, and The Boy Phil's bike lock breaks whilst we're all tethered up. Luckily, Suey knew someone who happened to find a tile saw in the back of their car, which we used to hack our way through the cable lock and escape to freedom

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We pass Wavy's caravan on the way to Stradbroke (joke courtesy of Bill)

Apple and Spammy cycle along the Stradbroke road

There's a VW Golf in a field of wheat

Two contrails cross like the flag of St. Andrew, the Saltire

Nosher gets actual ADSL 'broadband' installed

Mere Street on a Saturday morning

The owner of Hopgoods hangs up his tape

Spammy slugs out a slimline tonic

The Gissing Crown

The BSCC outside the Crown

Water Tower on the way to Burston

Phil and Paul read the sports pages in the Burston Crown

Outside the Cock Inn - Wavy gets the chips in

A chum of Sue's happens by

Wavy eats a big battered sausage

Sophie scratches a flea

The Sock

The Aphrodite statue

The Sock again

Soph-bags looks up at something

A close-up of Sophie

The Sock shows off her secret fur

A nice sunset over the side field

The sky turns burning gold

Sophie in the wheat at night

A pink rose, wet from the rain

The 'slim your bin' balloon takes off from the Oaksmere

A sunset near Occold

The sun sets through the water tower at Redlingfield

A CFL bulb through a diffraction grating

A bit of hedge, diffracted

A candle diffracts into rainbow candles

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We pass Wavy's caravan on the way to Stradbroke (joke courtesy of Bill)