Easter Bunny Bike Ride - 26th March 2005

A Saturday bike ride out from Brome to Framlingham, Suffolk (and back) - a round-trip of around 30-odd miles. The ride included several pubs (natch), including The Railway, The Station and The Castle in Framlingham, and a splinter group found their way to the Beaconsfield Arms in Occold.

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Somewhere vaguely near Tannington we stop to discuss the exact choice of route

DH and Apple in The Mill, Saxtead

More 'Mill' action. The pub had a carvery on the go, and several roast potatoes had been left out in a very vulnerable position...

Jen and Sue play around on the Jungle Gym

In the Railway, at Fram, Guv grins as one of the local 'old boys' looks on

DH and Apple look at the various items of collected memorabilia in a display cabinet

Guv purloins the camera and takes a photo of Nosher, Jen and Wavy

Guv does a photo of Paul

In the 'sports bar' part of the Railway

Beer pumps at The Station - the next pub on the route (all of 600 metres from the previous stop)

Apple spills several drops of precious beer whilst negotiating a couple of full glasses back to his table

A pub dog dozes on the floor, whilst its owner makes a call

Wavy yoinks a bit of left-over fat from someone's plate and eats it

Meanwhile, in the back-room of The Station, some dodgy singing and general rowdiness ensues

Paul in the emptying pub

Sue leans over the bar; Guv walks back from the bogs

Apple and Pip are entertained as a small insect wanders across their table, looking for crumbs or beer

A close-up of the ladybird-like insect on Apple's thumb

DH repairs a puncture in his pencil-thin racer tyre, in the rain, outside The Castle pub in Framlingham

MC Marcey-Marc

A nicely-evocative photo as DH smokes his roll-up (Sue freaked out as DH put more than two strands of baccy in it)

The Boy Phil watches footy on the telly

Wavy and his rainbow jumper gasp at the goings-on on TV

On the way back, we stop off at the Framlingham Fish Bar for some much-needed commestibles

Guv shows off the soft-toy chicken mascot he has on his bike (it's called 'cluck')

The gang loiter outside the chip-shop like a bunch of surly teenagers

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Somewhere vaguely near Tannington we stop to discuss the exact choice of route