The River Avon at Christchurch

The River Avon at Christchurch

Place Mill, by the river

Christchurch Priory and golden Salmon weather-vane

Another view of Christchurch Priory

Church Street, Christchurch

Church Street, and our destination for the night

Thatched Cottage on Bridge Street

The legendary Copper Skillet restaurant/café

The bandstand in Christchurch park

A tourist-info hut

A swan preens its feathers

Neil and Caroline open late Christmas presents

Mother opens a gift

Grandmother and Mother

Grandmother looks at an oversized card

In Fish Works restaurant, some fizz arrives

There's a toast

Mike reads out his gift of a rally day

Mike chats to Hayley

Neil and Caroline

In the Fish Works kitchens

Nosher scopes out the restaurant kitchens

Stainless steel: Nosher's dream kitchen

Service! Seafood ready to go

Mike and Mother

The Grandmother

There's another toast

Sis is flustered

A big birthday cake arrives

Mike and his cake

Mike asks around if anyone wants some cake

Mike looks pensive

Onions, Fennel and Lemons at the checkout

The gang outside the restaurant

Kim holds the remains of the cake

Mike carries his balloon to the taxi

Mike gets his helium-filled fish stuck up a tree

The fish in Neil and Caroline's