The engine sucks in the icy wastes below

The engine sucks in the icy wastes below

San Diego, as seen on take-off

More aerial views

The greater San Diego area and marinas

The USS Nimitz sails out to sea

Somewhere over Arizona

Arizona or Utah

More stunning geological features

Part of the Rockies

A plouged field in Kansas

The Sprint campus at Overland Park

Roaming around Sprint buildings

The view from the hotel

An evening view of I-435 and Metcalf Avenue

You are in a maze of corridors, all alike

A yellow fire hydrant, up Metcalf Avenue

The Atonement Lutheran Church

A frozen creek

A row of news boxes

A fountain near the Plaza Time Building

It's oddly quite in the Plaza

The Palace cinema sign

More fake old buildings in the Plaza

Another fountain

Streetside Records, off-track near Westport

The Westport Jazz District

The unexpected sighting of a British K6 phone box

More Kansas City back streets

The Westport Methodist Church

Some dudes have a chat outside the church

The Zowie skateboard shop

A back alley in Westport

The Broadway Hardware Company, Westport