A Day with Sis, Matt and the Old Man, Saxmundham, Suffolk - 28th December 2004

Sis and Matt had rented a cottage in Saxmundham, to escape the "joys" of Morden for Christmas. The Old Chap arrived at Nosher's early on Monday morning, and after a short trip to Sax, it was time for firelighting, "Coca-Cola Ham", several beers in the tiny, but cute, cottage and a trip to Aldeburgh.

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Maggi Hambling's 'scallop' scultpure on the beach at Aldeburgh

The Old Chap, Sis and Matt on the footpath from the car park

A beach shelter

A fishing boat on the beach

A big pile of lobster pots

Matt stands on a wall outside the fresh fish shed

The Aldeburgh Moot Hall

The Old Chap raises a glass

Aldeburgh beach

Fishing boats in the sunset

Matt takes a photo

A tangle of discarded net

Nosher stops for a wee near the golf club

Matt lights the fire

The Old Man does the crossword

Sis in the kitchen of the tiny cottage

Sis reads a recipe

The ham in on the boil in a load of Coca Cola

Sis checks the washing machine

Sis holds up a box of crackers for some reason

in the kitchen

Matt potters about

The Old Chap looks surprised

Sis gives it the v's

Sis helps out on the crossword

It's Matt's turn to look surprised

The ham is out of the coke

The old man gets some of the famous ham

More v-signs

In the cottage's small yard

Sis slurps on a beer

The old man

Reading 100 Things to do Before You Die

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Maggi Hambling's 'scallop' scultpure on the beach at Aldeburgh