Boxing Day Rambles, Hoxne and Oakley, Suffolk - 26th December 2004

It's the day after Christmas, and the decision had been made to abandon the previously-planned outing to Winfarthing because of the icy conditions. Instead, the gang walk over to the Hoxne Swan, with Nosher cycling over later to catch up. After that, it's all round to Pippa's for some afternoon nibbles

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The Boy Phil and DH in the Hoxne Swan

Apple checks out a mobile phone

Ninja M

Apple sups on a beer

DH takes a photo

Apple and Pippa

A small dog at the bar

The village of Hoxne

A view of a distant Billingford Windmill, with its sails still on

Some shaggy ponies

We say hello to the ponies for a bit

DH, the horse whsiperer

Wavy give a nostril blow

DH and The Boy Phil with ponies

DH gets a gentle nibble

The gang walk back along the Hoxne Road

Wavy does a bit of an Eric Morecambe

Wavy makes use of the, er, facilities

In Pippa's kitchen

Pippa brings out sausage rolls

The dog lurks, waiting for dropped food

Samson the Weimeraner

Ninja M with a mince pie

The Boy Phil grabs some food

Pippa attends to sausages

Apple looks up

Wavy has a nap

Alan comes over

Pip's mother

DH by the fireplace

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The Boy Phil and DH in the Hoxne Swan