Christmas Day at the Brome Swan, Brome, Suffolk - 25th December 2004

It's another year and another Christmas, and Nosher is working behind the bar at the Brome Swan on Christmas Day. There's also an invite to stay on for Christmas dinner, which is always nice as it beats moping around at home watching pointless guff on TV

next album: Boxing Day Rambles, Hoxne and Oakley, Suffolk - 26th December 2004
previous album: Qualcomm Cambridge's Christmas Do, King's College, Cambridge - 22nd December 2004

Paul and Wavy at the bar

Uncle Mick and Bill

The Boy Phil and Wavy

Keith and Marc

Wavy looks over

Alan chats to one of the old regulars

Claire's in the kitchen

Sylvia gets something out of a box

Claire helps set up the restaurant

Nosher's pint

Paul roams around

A dancing sunflower

Sylvia with Pepsi or Vimto, the pub cats

Cat in a box

Paul sets up Mousetrap

Claire ponders her dice throw

Sylvia with Abigail


Lorraine and the baby

Abigail in a high chair

Grandad Alan gets a go

Lorraine looks at photos

Abigail plays with a Christmas present

Alan at the bar

Sylvia unwraps a present

Nosher gets an emergency kit for Vehicle A

Sylvia unwraps a DVD player

More present opening

Paul gets a mini tractor

Sylvia reads some instructions

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Paul and Wavy at the bar