The impressive Great Dining Hall at King's

The impressive Great Dining Hall at King's

The roof of the dining hall

The Cambridge Voices serenade us

Portraits of the Masters

The Cambridge Voices

Rob Hamblen chats to someone

Russell and Otto Smitts

Nick, Ben and Peter Knowles

Clare, Liz and Cath

Liviu, Bob Last, Nadine and Nick

Cath chats to Dave Read

Michelle looks over

Nick's Paisley waistcoat

Steve and Ben

Nosher's table, possibly

Dan and Dave

Nosher in a suit

Wendy and Michelle

A view of the Great Dining Hall from above

F-dudes's table

The Cambridge Voices are back

James Wright

Tim Simpson does a speech

Tim's speech continues

Julian has a moment

Dan talks to Stef

Some dancing breaks out

Bill gets down

Some more 'dad' dancing

Bill's got his groove on

Disco lights on the walls of the college

Dave and Nosher

Prof. Ed Candy and Steve Ives

Julian and Hannah

Michelle has a dance with Bill

Nosher again