Saturday Moos: Comedy Cow Photos and Miscellany - 12th December 2004

Some random round-the-house photos, a few of Cat "B" (The Sock), several comedy-shots of moos in the cow pen and elsewhere at Valley Farm and a few from Ipswich

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A winter balloon drifts over

Next door's ornamental crab-apple tree

New Buckenham Silver Band play Christmas stuff outside Gateway in Diss

The Sock suns herself on the bonnet of Vehicle B

The Sock on the stairs

The cutest-ever photo of The Sock?

Curious cows edge closer as Nosher takes some photos

Huh, what the...??!!

An ancient Fordson tractor rusts away

Where once stood a Guinea-fowl shed

An armchair in a field

An old Land-Rover is slowly reclaimed by nature

Outside Le Garagist in Ipswich, a 2CV missing a few bits

Staggering herds of people swarm through Ipswich doing their Christmas shopping

A sunset near Debenham, Suffolk

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A winter balloon drifts over