Light trails in front of the walnut tree

Light trails in front of the walnut tree

Lights try to overcome Humphries' orange barf glow

looking back at the house

Multiple images of self in the dark

Lights in black and white

The greenhouse is all lit up

Writing 'Genesis' in the dark, almost correctly

Over at Bill's, Wavy's got a Trivial Pursuit card

Bill shows off a birthday teeshirt

Phil, Ninja M and Marc

Looks of trepidation from Bill, Wavy, Jess and Jen

Bill and Wavy

Bill lights a tea light

Bill cuts his cake

Phil, Ninja and Marc on the sofa

Suey plays her Trivial Pursuit move

Paul, Claire and Phil

Marc's got a small stuffed toy from somewhere

Marc feeds beer to the stuffed toy

Claire celebrates a victory

Bill's Homer slipper eats the teddy

The slipper eats a Pringles can

Marc does Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'

Bill lifts the ceiling

Suey gives it three (on Charudes)