Christmas Lights and St. Mary's Church, Diss, Norfolk - 29th November 2004

It's a rare treat: a day off to do not much at all - no travelling, no plans, just a wander into Diss. Roger Browne - local celebrity and butcher - is in the middle of putting up Christmas lights. Then, there's a look inside the attractive 500-year-old St. Mary's Church followed by the switch on of the Christmas lights in Diss. The lights have become fairly infamous following a BBC website "exposé" of the fact that the lights fund had only £5 in it the year before. This year, supposedly, there was £15,000 in the kitty, and whilst what's there is nice enough, it's hard to wonder where the extra cash went, as the lights seem more-or-less the same as last year's

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Autumn leaves hang on in the Oaksmere's grounds

Roger Browne roams around Diss

Roger untangles Christmas lights

Mount Street in Diss

Dan Dan the Meat Man returns from an errand somewhere

Richard in Browne's

The front of Browne's the butchers

Roger's up a ladder, installing lights

Dan pokes around outside the front of the shop

Roger hangs more lights

Inside the church are loads of embroidered cushions

The baptismal

Stained glass window

An eagle-shaped goldern lecturn

The crisp and clean nave of St. Mary's

The rood screen

Winter trees in a rich sunset

A sunset over the side field

An aircraft contrail looks like a meteor

Electricity pylons near Stuston

The Rotary's Christmas tree floating on Diss Mere

Mere Street and its lights

The market place

The White Horse, and HSBC bank

Looking back down Mere Street

Mere Street and its Christmas lights

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Autumn leaves hang on in the Oaksmere's grounds