A Trip to East Lane, Bawdsey, Suffolk - 28th November 2004

There's a Sunday drive with DH over to the coast of Suffolk near Bawdsey to take photos simply for the sake of taking photos. It's a bit of a grey day, but the general bleakness of the area suits the light somehow. This part of the coast takes in several Martello Towers, and some World War Two gun emplacements

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A flooded gun emplacement

Dh looks out of a peephole

Broken concrete

People walk around in the gathering gloom

A fisherman looks out to sea

Concrete and brick, with a Martello tower in the background

Discarded trailer and bent metal

A line of peepholes in the concrete

DH looks out over a fence

East Lane coastline

A pill box falls into the sea

A Martello tower

The remains of concrete

A soft sea laps at a line of wooden stakes

More closely-set groynes

Groynes set in the beach

A nice piece of eroded glass sits on a wooden stump

An empty beach

Bleached twigs lie on the gravel

A discarded fold-up chair waits for summer to return

A Martello tower is done up

DH takes a photo in a marsh

The marshes of East Lane

Martello tower

It's getting dark as DH takes another photo

The ghost of DH roams along the footpath

A ghostly sea and eroded groynes

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A flooded gun emplacement