East Lane, Bawdsey, Suffolk - 28th November 2004

A Sunday drive with DH over to the coast of Suffolk near Bawdsey to take photos simply for the sake of taking photos. It's a bit of a grey day, but the general bleakness of the area suits the light somehow. This part of the coast takes in several Martello Towers, and some World War 2 gun emplacements.

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Inside the partially-flooded WW2 gun emplacement

Facing the sea

Looking out from the top of the emplacement over the inland lagoons

Abandonned trailers and tangled metal

More concrete

DH looks out over the sea

A Pill Box slowly falls into the sea

A slow exposure as the sea washes around wooden groynes

An interestingly-worn piece of broken glass on a wooden stump

Dried twigs

A camping chair, which has seen better days, sits alone waiting for the summer to return

DH in amongst the bog plants

Smoke on the water: a 20-second exposure

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Inside the partially-flooded WW2 gun emplacement