IBM Thinkpads are stacked on boxes

IBM Thinkpads are stacked on boxes

Andrew and Russel in the Dhaka Diner

Andrew looks daunted by the mound of food

Guitar action in the SCC Social Club

A bass guitar and lights

More bass guitar action

A bit of dry-ice smoke for extra effect

Russell holds a beer up

Nosher with a pint

Andrew gets his tongue out

Russell in the social club

Nosher returns from the bogs

Nosher and Russell, who's on the bottles

Nosher and Russell

Russell sticks his tongue out

Andrew does some texting too

More band action

A bit of a harmonica moment

A five-string bass

The view from the mixing desk

Andrew's still texting

The 'cloakroom' corridor on the way out

There's snow on the hedge on Rope Walk

Andrew gets into a car

We drop Russell off at 'Property A'

Heidi with Foster the dog

The home office is a regular tip of stuff

At Qualcomm Cambridge, laptops are installed

A million new installs of Windows XP

Sydney or Milo - the bug-eyed cat

Nosher and Foster

Sydney or Milo roams around

A cat appears

A Santa fire engine trundles down Tacket Street

The vintage Port of Felixstowe fire engine

The procession heads up Upper Brook Street

On the market place

Ipswich markets

A fruit and veg stall

Lots of strawberries and mangoes

Nosher bumps into former colleague Joe

Joe and his sprogs