Comedy Pet Photos and a Million Laptops - 27th November 2004

At work, Qualcomm refits the former Trigenix's IT infrastructure, including its laptops. That means around 40 laptops in a room all running at the same time (shame they had to be running Windoze. Meh :-). Then, following a night at the Ipswich Blues Minifest, it's time to hang out around Andrew and Heidi's, a mill around Ipswich for a bit.

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Laptop city

Some close ups

Heidi with Foster the dog

Comedy cat photo: Sydney stares at stuff

Foster sits on Nosher for a bit

Sydney peers round a table leg


Walking up Tacket Street, an old fire engine, decked in tinsel, drives past

Yep, it's another market (Nosher likes taking photos of markets :-)

Walking back to the car, Nosher bumps into former SCC work chum Joe, with sprogs

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Laptop city