The Hoxne Swan Beer Festival, Hoxne, Suffolk - 20th November 2004

Nosher's not had much to eat during the week, nor much beer either, so it's asking for it a bit to then head over to the Hoxne Swan beer festival

next album: A CISU Blues Festival at the SCC Social Club, and a Million Laptops, Ipswich and Cambridge - 27th November 2004
previous album: Random Scenes of Diss, Norfolk - 20th November 2004

Some dude with a crown on plays the mandolin

Nosher out of The Matrix

Wavy's not sure

The musical corner in the Swan

Marc grabs his rolling tobacco

Another instrument appears

Nosher on the strong beer

Someone does rabbit ears behind the Swan's landlord

The landlord pours a pint from the barrel

Suey plays with something

Marc again

Some sortof shenanigans in the temporary bar

The Boy Phil and Wavy

Suey tries to hide again

The Boy Phil, mostly obscured by a blanket

Marc's got a hat on

Marc squashes his face to the car window

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Some dude with a crown on plays the mandolin