More Scenes from Diss - 20th November 2004

Nosher has been asked in the past for use of a photo of the church for a magazine, so I guess there are people out there who are looking around for photos of Diss. So, with that in mind, here is another heap of pics...

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Frenze Lane

Urban decay, Diss style

St. Mary Magdalene Church

Looking beyond the church down the road to Burston

Diss Museum, with the Post Office behind

Long shot looking down Mere Street

Dolphin House. Some feeble-minded moron has graffitoed a red line around the bottom

Dolphin House, the Post Office and the chip van (right)

Two girls eating chips are mobbed by a flock of birds

Quack-ducks all in a line


Two gulls, sitting on a fence

More seagulls

The Diss sign, and Mere Street (plus the sausage van: ask for chili sauce, mayo and lettuce)

Abandonned: the shell of an old VW Golf in Great Blakenham

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Frenze Lane