The Last-Ever Banham Cider Shed BBs Gig - 19th November 2004

The Banham Cider Shed is on the move to Norwich to seek bigger things, so it's a bit of a moment as The BBs return to their home venue for the last time. The crowd is especially on-form and get going pretty much from the beginning for a great, hot, night of music and dancing (Nosher even plays the finale, "Great Balls of Fire", shirtless courtesy of a £20 donation to Children in Need from someone in the crowd). Some of these pics are a bit fuzzy as Nosher is still getting used to using the new digital SLR with a manual lens...

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Jo scribbles out a set list

Ryan, proprietor of the Banham Cider Shed

Max at the bar chats to Ryan

The stage set-up: Max had kindly donated a dual-stack keyboard stand

Under a red light

Jen and Wavy

Wilma and Rob

Jo and Chum

Marc and a rabbit-in-the-headlights Sue

Jo's 'inner child' sticks her tongue out

Max and the shirt

The crowd

Henry dismantles his kit

Packing up the gear

Jo plays air-guitar with a mic stand

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Jo scribbles out a set list