The BBs' Last-Ever Gig at The Shed, Banham, Norfolk - 19th November 2004

The Banham Cider Shed is on the move to Norwich to seek bigger things, so it's a bit of a moment as The BBs return to their home venue for the last time in its present guise. The crowd is especially on-form and get going pretty much from the beginning for a great, hot, night of music and dancing. Nosher even plays the finale, "Great Balls of Fire", shirtless courtesy of a £20 donation to Children in Need from someone in the crowd

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Jo works on the set list

Ryan, the Cider Shed's owner

Ryan chats to Max

Jo writes some numbers out

The stage is set

Ryan and some cider barrels

Marc and Paul

Jen and Wavy

Wilma and Rob

Suey looks over

Rob tunes up

Jo sticks her tongue out

Max on bass

The Banham crowds

More crowd scenes

The Boy Phil, looking about 12 years old in the crowd

Nosher, Marc, Claire and Paul

Wilma and chum

At the Shed bar

Nosher at his keyboards

Henry grabs a cymbal

Henry packs away his kit

Jo plays air guitar on a mic stand

Ryan chats to a punter

Max lifts off one of the PA speakers

The Cider Shed, and its Evering Road sign thing

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Jo works on the set list