London in the Rain - 18th November 2004

There are actually two trips to London here, in the space of two days. The first to drop some phones off for some big Analysts' Demonstration, the second for Qualcomm Europe's All-Hands meeting. After the meeting, there's a bit of time to wander around a very wet London - the reflections of neon lights on the wet pavements perhaps wouldn't be out of place in a Ridley Scott film. There's also a brush with the law, as a couple of Coppers wander over to see what Nosher's up to when he's observed taking photos at Liverpool Street Station. Apparently, in the paranoid police state of Britain, even taking photos of a station requires "a permit" (although, to their credit, the Fuzz were quite civil about it, only wanting to see what photos had been taken, rather than insisting on an overnight stay in a cell and a swift interrogation courtesy of MI6). In between, there are a few photos of perhaps the most dramatic sunset clouds Nosher has ever seen; reminiscent of the clouds that surround the invading alien ships in Independence Day.

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Hyde Park Corner Underground station

Kings Cross Station at night

The incredible sunset cloud formation hovers above Cambridge, framed by the carpark light and spy camera

Some flashes of yellow cloud are picked out

It's an almost malevolent mass of cloud...

...containing an amazing mixture of cloud types and detail

Shortly before the sun dips below the horizon it bleeds a deep red

The gloomy tracks outside Liverpool Street Station

Wet autumn leavs and a couple of Red K6 phone boxes on Knightsbridge Road

Wellington Memorial

In Picadilly Circus, the neon lights light up the pavement...

...looking like someone has spilt paint all over the place

More nighttime scenes

Big Ben, Parliament Square

Waiting for another tube train

Liverpool Stree Station in rush-hour. The masses peer up to see where their trains are

The last photo of the moving crowds taken before The Man tells Nosher to stop taking photos for 'security reasons'. Talk about Police State...

Nosher's always been fascinated by the sheer number of lights in this part of the station. It's the reflections, man...

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Hyde Park Corner Underground station