The Norfolk and Norwich Beer Festival, St. Andrew's Hall, Norwich - 27th October 2004

It's time again for the annual pub trip from The Swan in Brome to the CAMRA Norfolk and Norwich beer festival in St. Andrew's Hall, Norwich. Once again, Alan has sorted out a bus, and this year we have advance tickets so sail past the lengthy queues on the way in

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Some of the lads from Suffolk County Council have made the trip

Diss band The Harvs provide the entertainment

Carol, Benny and Gloria

Bindery Dave has something secret under his jacket

The Harvs on stage

The crowd sways heads to the music

Some dancing occurs

The Harvs get some love

Suey and Jen

Suey puts her hand up again

DH, Dave, Marc and Bindery Dave

In Blackfriar's Hall

Beer in Blackfriar's

Nosher with Dan 'Parrot' and Russell

Dan and Russell

Nosher again

Wavy chats to someone

Another crowd scene

The Cawston Silver band are on

Parrot and Russell

Gov looks over Wavy's rainbow jumper

Dan chats to the other Russell

Some rowdy lads in the crowd

Ping-pong Peter, Wavy, DH and Gov do the hokey cokey

Dave and Marc

Marc shows off his very high underpants

The Boy Phil takes a photo

Nosher gurns

Gov and DH lurk

A load of barrels

Bindery Dave on the bus

Czech George and Jen do some texting


Gov has a sleep

DH wakes Gov up at the pub

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Some of the lads from Suffolk County Council have made the trip