A French Market, Blues and Curry, Diss, Scole and Brome - 17th October 2004

It's a bit of October miscellany: several shopkeepers in Diss had been grumbling about the one-off advent of a French Market, however instead of pitchforks and burning sheep, the town was heaving as a result and all the shops seemed as busy as usual. A few days later, there's a spot of the East Coast Blues Band at the Scole Crossways pub, and Marc rustles up some grub following a Saturday bike ride (which Nosher skived out of)

next album: The Norfolk and Norwich Beer Festival, St. Andrew's Hall, Norwich - 27th October 2004
previous album: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - 10th-13th October 2004

The crowds are out on Diss Marketplace

Somebody peers at fruit juices

The French market has taken over

A woman selling preserves

A bisuiterie stall

The best bit: cheese

Garlic and walnuts

There's some busking on Mere Street

Another Mere Street view

Maracas in the Scole Crossways

The East Coast Blues Band

Blues in the Crossways

Gov and The Boy Phil

More music

Round Marc and Suey's for curry

Bill and Jen

Bill enjoys his fort made of VHS cases

Jen's got her feet up

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The crowds are out on Diss Marketplace