The path leading to an Uluru lookout

The path leading to an Uluru lookout

A self-timer shot of Nosher's gnarly legs

The first close-up of the rock itself

A selfie with Uluru

The verandah outside Nosher's dorm room

Nosher in the sunset

Eucalyptus tree

A starry sky over the Ayer's Rock Resort

Miles of road with almost no traffic

More lonely trees

Kata Tjuta - many heads

Nosher's hired car

Kata Tjuta in the background (formerly The Olgas)

On the boardwalk, where it's about 38°C

The entrance to Kata Tjuta

The Docker River Road - 800km of dirt track

Kata Tjuta

There's no o petrol for 815 kilometres (509 miles)

A quality cliché road sign

Curious holes in Uluru

A bite from the Woma Python

A stop near the Anangu Women's sacred Woma site

A burnt tree

Vertically-stacked sandstone

A respite from the heat and sun

Uluru in the sunset

Bikers watch the sunset

A photo in front of Uluru

A flash of deep orange

Uluru briefly flashes purple as the sun sets

There's some music at the backpacker's resort bar

At the bar of the Outback Pioneer hostel

The well-equipped resident's kitchens

There's a moth the size of a bird in the dorm

The Outback Pioneer Lodge

Time for a flight around Uluru and Kata Tjuta

The pilot comes around

The many heads of Kata Tjuta

The pilot is an ex-Rozzer from Oxford

Uluru from the air

A view of Yulara

The shadow of the helicopter on spinifex

Back on the ground

A windsock and a pile of barrels