3G Lab at Jools Holland, Audley End, Saffron Walden, Essex - 25th July 2004

There's a bit of a trombone session at Dave Read's in Cambridge on a Monday, followed by a work's do of a picnic and to see Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra in the grounds of Audley End House, on one of the few balmy nights of the year. The band featured the singing talents of Sam Browne and Ruby Turner, plus a 12-person horn section

next album: Bill's Housewarming Barbeque - 31st July 2004
previous album: The BSCC Annual Sponsored Bike Ride, The Cottage, Thorpe St. Andrew, Norwich - 18th July 2004

Dave has slightly overdone his pizza

Dave waves some music around

A couple of trombones in action

Back at home, The Sock lounges on the office window

Trusty Vehicle A - a 1300cc Mark 2 Astra - passes 200,000 miles

3G Lab/Trigenix and its gazebo

We lounge around in the sun

Nosher gets a sporg, which kicks off immediately

Carmella and Craig

Nick and Steve

The crowds at Audley End

Andrew has a particularly loud shirt on

Steve looks up

Francis gets a head-full of balloons thanks to Michelle's sprog

The band and its massive horn section

Jools Holland does his thing

There's some kind of trumpet solo

Some of the crowd

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Dave has slightly overdone his pizza