A random photo of Suey

A random photo of Suey

Marc and Suey have a snog moment

The gardens, and the wedding car

Jo holds some cabling up

Jo has a laff about something

Henry and Rob set up

The garden

Our stage for the night

Jo hangs around as Rob sets monitors up

Henry looks pained

Jo's ready in her feather boa

Weddings guests mingle in the garden

Andy the sausage does a good trade in hotdogs

Jo and Max

Rob shows off some photos

Max looks over as Jo and Rob do 'Summertime'

Wedding dancing

Andy Sausage has a beer

A sparkler moment

The Boy Phil scoops up an escaped lamb

Cocoa plays accordion

Bill, Jackie and The Boy Phil

Charlie Haylock gets his rhythm box out

Charlie Haylock strings up the rhythm box

Charlie Haylock and a scratch folk band

A couple of mandolins

Another accordion player

Bill, Phil and Jackie

The folk band