A photo of Hani in the office, for some reason

A photo of Hani in the office, for some reason

A queue of aircraft at Heathrow

Terminal 5 is being built

The M4 motorway

The plane flies over Felixstowe

A very smelly horse and cart

Fort Santiago, the oldest buildings in Manila

There are loads of semi-feral cats sitting around

Fort Santiago

Julian looks out

Lots of buildings still show damage from WWII

More pony rides

A cannon and some WWII shells

One of Manila's many, vast, suburbs

A bronze soldier with rolled-up trousers

Julian roams around

An admin building has bullet holes from the war

A small snack shack

A brightly-painted Jeepney

The church of San Agustin

Roaming around the streets on Intramuros

A building wrapped in bunting

A curious thatched shack

Julian walks about, nervously

People in the streets

A collection of statues on a street corner

A silver Willys jeep

Some dudes in a rickshaw cycle past

Another Jeepney

A metal-framed motorbike side car

Julian leans on a wall

There's some major overhead electric stuff going on

One of many shanty towns on the edge of the city

More impressive electrics

Julian checks his phone in the hotel

We set up for a presentation on the 33rd floor

The city and pollution of Manila

Julian on a laptop

Another view from our presentation office

Getting the lift

Downtown buildings

Julian tries shoes in a fancy shopping mall

Dinner at Oodl's Noodle Restaurant in 'Greenbelt 4'

The arse end of a silver Jeepney

Derelict huts

More countryside buildings, and a Jeep

Out in the countryside, 80km away from Manila

Looking out towards the Taal volcano

More flowers by a roadside

Verandas and balconies

The crater of the Taal volcano straight ahead

Rural street life

PNP Outpost shack, with a hand-made sign to Manila

A fruit seller's shack

An abandoned-looking motorbike and sidecar

More street scenes

A big sign for Tagaytay

Nosher's driver Dinu wanders back to the car

The Jeepney ride up to the park is 30 Pesos

The Jeepney park at People's Park in the Sky

The view from the People's Park

Another view over volcano lake

Parasols in the People's Park

A family of fruit sellers

The fruit family

Back in Manila

We have dinner with the local contact

Julian on the plane, as we head back to the UK

A serene view out of the plane window