Suey, Jen, Jess and Wavy in the Swan

Suey, Jen, Jess and Wavy in the Swan

Wavy proudly models his new teeshirt

Wavy cuts the cake

Jess brings along a 'pass the parcel'

Jen wins the parcel

Marc adjusts the toy rabbit

Wavy makes a card

Wavy holds up his creation

Jen tweaks the rabbit

DH and Ninja M

Marc and Suey are on the table football

Mike potters around in the kitchen at Aldringham

Mike and Mother in their apartment

Mother sits around

The view out of the window

The house/hall

Mother by the front door

The reproduction of the famous Sutton Hoo helmet

A tour group on a hill

One of the Sutton Hoo mounds

Mike and Mother in front of a tumulus

The river at Orford

An ancient crane on the quay at Orford

A view of Orford Quay

Mother and Mike head off on the footpath

Wooden posts head into the river

The skeleton of an old hut, like a sea-henge

Mike and Mother

Negotiating a gate

The cottages between the church and the quay

Mother's back in the apartment

Mother and Mike relax

In the Parrot and Punchbowl, Aldringham

We get some nice food in the Parrot

Mike and Mother outside the pub

At the cinema, Jess chooses some sweets

John Tate gets some pick'n'mix

It's pic'n'mix time

Queuing up to buy sweets