Wavy's Birthday in The Swan - 24th May 2004

A few Monday-night beers, and a bit of pass-the-parcel (courtesy of Jess) to celebrate Wavy's birthday.

next album: Nosher's Birthday: Aldringham Hall, Sutton Hoo and the Cinema - 24th, 28th May 2004
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Sue, Jen, Jess and Wavy

Wavy unwraps a bit of birthday cake

Waves models one of his birthday pressies: a 'Moo' t-shirt...

...and dishes out the cake

The girls give it a bit of text action

DH gets the parcel during a round of 'pass the parcel'

...and then gets it again

Marc has a go...

...then Phil

finally, Jen gets the winner (who said 'fix'?!)

It's a mechanical 'Flopsy Bunny'. Luckily, Nosher carries around millions of batteries all the time and so could feed it

Marc performs some delicate bunny surgery to energise the wabbit

Wavy gives a masterclass in birthday-card making

and then shows off his construction

Bunny goes for a wander around the pub

DH gives Nosher the hairy eyeball, whilst Jon lays down a ninja stare

Waves screwed-up face says it all: pickled eggs are toxic!

Table footy ensues

Marc plays spin-the-pin. Spot the whirling drawing-pin...

Nosher gets home to find a load of his roses are in bloom. Well, it's worth a piccy...

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Sue, Jen, Jess and Wavy