The BBs at Gissing Hall, and a Night around Noshers - 14th, 15th May 2004

The BBs play for a local High School's graduation "prom" at Gissing Hall, a lovely location and a balmy night for it too: it made Nosher all nostalgic and a bit sad, even though it was a good gig, and much of the young crowd really got in to a bit of dancing too. The day after, Saturday, an impromptu barbeque/hang-out spontaneously occurs 'round Nosher's gaff - mostly due to the lack of ten-pin bowling occuring that night...

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Setting up in the 'ballroom': Max fiddles with some stuff

Rob an Jo, who's already found the 'secret stash' of red wine

General crowd scene, as the attendees arrive

The front of Gissing Hall

Jo sits on the steps outside

The rest of the band hang out in the bit between sound check and playing

Rob tells a tale or two

Jo sorts out a set list for the night

In what has to be the finest 'green room' of all time (so far, at least), Max sports his new haircut

Nosher shows off another 'chartity shop shirt' special, and his fave boots

Rob shows off his dinner for the night: a crisp

Henry warms up with a knee-based practice drum

Jo giggles about something

Rob twangs his Tele to get warmed up

Next day, Nosher pops round to former landlords and old pals, Geoff and Bren

One of Bren's cacti is in full flower

Saturday night in Nosher's front garden: Wavy (looking very surprised), Jen, Clare and Mikey-P

Sophie freaks out and entertains the group for a bit


Mikey-P warms his hands up

The day's excitement proves too much for the Mikey-P massive

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Setting up in the 'ballroom': Max fiddles with some stuff