Max fiddles with some stuff in the ballroom

Max fiddles with some stuff in the ballroom

Jo's already found the stash of red wine

The High-schoolers arrive for their prom

The front of Gissing Hall

Another view of the hall

Jo and Henry

Jo, Henry and Max hang out outside Gissing Hall

Rob shakes some keys around

Rob tells a tale or two

Jo sorts out a set list for the night

Max's new hair cut, in the best Green Room so far

Nosher shows off another charity-shop special

Rob shows off his dinner for the night: a crisp

Henry warms up with a knee-based practice drum

Jo giggles about something

Rob twangs his Telecaster to get warmed up

Nosher pops round to Geoff and Brenda's

Brenda's cacti are in full flower

Jen, Clare and Mikey

Wavy looks surprised in Nosher's front garden

Sophie the cat freaks out for a bit

The Boy Phil

Mikey-P warms his hands up on the barbeque

It's all too much for the Mikey-P massive