There's a food market in Lenham

There's a food market in Lenham

More market stalls

The Boy Phil roams around testing himself on Latin plant names

A fish stall

Gov and Phil look at more plants

The gang strides up the hill to the ticket office

There's some tree hugging occuring of a Lebanese cypress

Sue joins in with the tree hugging

A black swan with some fluffy cygnets

Suey peers over a wall

The gang wait for Nosher outside the castle

A bit of Leeds Castle

Marc's on scones and cream in the Fairfax Hall Café

We wander around the Baillie gardens

Looking at caged birds

We head off into a maze

Marc cratches his head - the maze looks easy but is actually hard

Bill catches up with Suey

The gang look down from the centre of the maze

up on the hill

Carolyn strides around in the maze

The maze exit is through an underground grotto

We get lazy-itis and take the land-train back to the castle

There's a food fair going on here too

An olive seller

Milling around

Wavy reckons he's got this Swan Thing sorted

Some girls do a spot of morris dancing

Back in the food tent for some burgers and sausages

Outside, an albino peacock shows off