A Trip Around Leeds Castle, Kent - 9th May 2004

After the official end of the BSCC Annual Trip, much of the gang stays back to explore Leeds Castle, which is just up the road from our base at Lenham. There also happens to be a food fair in the grounds, which is a bit of a bonus.

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After breakfast, there's a chance for a quick wander around the Sunday Market in Lenham

Phil scopes the plants out and test himself on all the latin names


Guv wanders along too to have a look

Walking up to the entrance of Leeds Castle

At the ticket office. Phil even gets away with being a student.

The group tree-hug a huge Lebanese Cyprus

Sue wanted to do it, as this is something her sister apparently does a lot

A Black Swan and its cygnets

A view over the grounds looking towards the castle

Sue peers over the bridge

By the time we make it through the tour of the castle, the sun has peeped out. The gang have waited outside for Nosher to appear

Wavy sits on the bin

The living quarters of the castle. It has the Baillie family home until the 70s, and includes some interesting 1920-30s decor

In the Fairfax Hall café, Marc heaps everyone else's leftover cream onto half a scone

Wandering through the Baillie Gardens

A quack-duck and little fluffy ducklings scoot about like little bathtime wind-up toys

Looking at the birds

Wavy and Caz navigate the maze. It looks small from the outside but actually proves to be a genuine challenge

Marc and Phil decide which way to go

Bill and Sue are lost too

Most of the gang cheat by following someone who is receiving instructions from the mound in the middle. Nosher cheats by getting them to give him directions too

At the top of the maze

Caz wanders out. The exit is through an underground grotto, and so it's easier to get out than in

Marc and Bill play about with the waterfall

We develop lazyitus and get the land-train back to the castle

Some Mute Swans

In the food fair, the gang cluster around a chocolate stall

Olives and stuff

A quick return to the lake, and Wavy continues in his quest to wind-up a swan (in order to get a photograph of one angry)

Some morris dancing

A return to the food tents to get a tasty pork-and-apple burger

At the exit, an albino Peacock performs for the crowd

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After breakfast, there's a chance for a quick wander around the Sunday Market in Lenham