The BBs Recording Session, Pennylane Studios - 25th April 2004

The BBs, the band that Nosher's in, pitched up at Rob Folkard's Pennylane Studios to record a demo EP which we can send out to promote ourselves and get new gigs and stuff. The recording goes really well and we get four tracks that sound cool even before mixing (apart from Nosher's dodgy backing vocals :-). It's the first time since the Arnewood Jazz Orchestra recording at 2CR studios in Bournemouth in 1982 that Nosher's even been in a studio...

next album: The BSCC Bike Ride, Lenham, Kent - 7th-9th May 2004
previous album: Visiting Dave Dood at the Sanger Center, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire - 23rd April 2004

The main desk (right) and various effects stuff and HD recorders in the rack

Rob Folkard, studio owner (who incidentally used to play rhythm guitar in the BBs), plus Rob Huckfield, lead guitar.

Max the bassist starts getting his stuff together

Rob and Max get down on the floor

Rob points to his guitar amp buried behind a heap of old sweaters and a panel of MDF

Max plays some Marillion on Nosher's piano

Rob mikes up Henry in the drum room

Rob tapes his construction masterpiece to the wall

More drumkit construction

Loadsa knobs

Nosher behind his keyboards

Rob mics up the drums

Henry behind his kit

Max does a 'Kiss' impersonation

Tom, sound engineer, adjusts the controls

Rob oversees

More fiddling

Henry level checks

Rob looks around

Max watches Henry in the 'goldfish bowl'


More deliberations

Max and Rob F hang out outside for a break


Jo gets mic'd up

Henry disassembles his kit in preparation for the vocals recording

Jo does her stuff

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The main desk (right) and various effects stuff and HD recorders in the rack