Jo in the Youth Centre

Jo in the Youth Centre

Rob, Henry and Max

Max tunes up his bass

Rob and Henry

Jordan House: a Nosher sign from the 1990s

Andrew and Paul's heads in the Wortham Dolphin

The gang in the Wortham Dolphin

Jess gets some sweets out

Andrew and Jen

John, The Boy Phil and Jess

Gov looks puzzled

Nosher with a beer

Jen in the Dolphin

The Sock tries to nest in a backpack

Stick game at the Pulham Crown

Wavy's gor come Maltesers

The Boy Phil cues up

Phil does a bit of Stick Game

Jess plays a shot

Jen and Wavy

The AA van turns up at Matrix House in Cambridge

The AA is on the case

Nosher's car gets roped up

The AA man pokes around under the car

Sarah, and someone she knew

Jess and Sarah

Conversation in Bar 13

Sarah and some geezer

Jess looks bashful

Nosher tries out a new Pentax dSLR in Jessops

Inside Jessops of Norwich