Claire and Paul's Engagement do - Brome Swan, 27th March 2004

next album: March Miscellany: Signs, Blown Gaskets and Jess' pre-birthday drinks at Bar 13 - March 31st 2004
previous album: Pulham Nights: Stick Game at the Crown - 26th March 2004

Apple sneaks behind the bar to stick a CD on

No photographers - I'm bashful!

Wavy looks to see whether there was a Dublinners tune coming up on the CD

MC Marcey-Marc at the bar

DH looks a bit shiftily at Apple

Syvlie brings out a celebration footie-themed cake as Alan does a speech

Claire and Paul - the engagees

Peter Allen arrives

Waves and Guv giggle about something

Apple and DH set the world to rights

It's Nosher's turn to sneak behind the bar - this time to take a pic of C+P

Alan and Sylvie pos for a piccy

Apple shows Nosher his bit of cake

Ian C and Phil

Jess and Jen arrive

Jess and Wavy

Wavy and Jen

Jon M looks like he's just eaten a wasp

Crowd scene

Sylvia washes some glasses up

Wavy takes the pledge of allegiance whilst talking to Peter

Go on: shoo, bugger off!

Fun With Balloons 101: trying to get them to stick to the ceiling with static

Marc joins in. Apple - the usual balloon miscreant - looks on


Wavy shows off his muscles

Marc sits down after some exhausting balloon antics

Wavy helps Guv on with his sexy welly boots

Jen and Jess

A rubber-fetishist's equivalent of soft pr0n

as indeed, this might be..

and, er, this...

Wavy tries to hold in a particularly smelly burp

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Apple sneaks behind the bar to stick a CD on