Apple's behind the bar messing with CDs

Apple's behind the bar messing with CDs

Suey tries to hide

Marc with a pint

DH looks around warily

Sylvia brings a cake out

Sylvia and cake

The cake does a tour

Claire and Paul

Uncle Chris at the bar

Peter Allen comes in

Wavy and Gov

Ian C, Boy Phil and Mrs C

Bar scene

Paul and Claire

Sylvie and Alan

Apple looks surprised

Ian and Phil

Jess and Jen

Mick and Janice, and a DH hairy eyeball

Apple and Marc

Jess and Wavy

Wavy and Jen

Another pub scene

Sylvia with a load of clean glasses

Peter Allen and Wavy

Gov waves Nosher away

Gov and Ninja M

The balloons come out

Marc kicks balloons about

Wavy shows of hs muscles

Wavy's got some gloves on

Jen and Jess

Gov and Wavy have fun with balloons