Alison, Margaret and Guenever Pachent

Alison, Margaret and Guenever Pachent

Alison, Margaret and Guenever again

MArgaret's husband (?) says a few words

Margaret's cake has a campervan on it

Sophie/Katie/Emily and Jimmy

Clare in her dress

Claire and Paul

Gov's got some food

Mikey-P and Clare do a dance

Clare in the Brome Grange's barn

Clare and Mike

Uncle Chris has streamers on his head

Uncle Chris again


Clare picks some streamers off her dress

Robert de Niro, Ninja M and The Boy Phil

Clare with a full complement of head-streamers

Someone's under the table already

The Boy phil chats at the bar

Wavy and Jen

Jess notices that her drink is empty

Mikey P with a carnation in his teeth

Probably some YMCA dancing

The bizarre Hues Corporation thing kicks off

Oops Upside Your Head

Everyone's doing the wedding-reception tradition

Tim and Wavy

Wavy in the lights

Mikey P under an arch of people

Andy and Mike

Clare leaves the party

Mike waits in the car

Jess isn't sure about her drink


Gov does some serious boogeying

Jen and Jackie

Jess and uncle Chris

Uncle Chris with a pipe

A wedding plate

Outside, Wavy's on the ground in the triangle

Back at Nosher's, Gov has a sleep

Wavy and Jen in he kitchen

In the lounge

Wavy and Gov asleep

The Boy Phil and Soph-bags are asleep

The next morning, Wavy has a go on a trumpet