Mikey P and Clare's Wedding Reception, Brome Grange - 20th March 2004

The Mikey-P Massive and Clare's wedding reception at the Brome Grange (a half-mile stagger from Nosher's pad). But first, Nosher swings over to Ipswich and the County Council Social Club for Margaret from Libraries' retirement do.

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Alison, Margaret and Guenever in the SCC Social Club

The retirement cake. The RV refers to Margaret's plan to spend retirement touring around lots

In the Brome Grange - Jimmy looks around

Clare, the bride (in case it wasn't immediately obvious)

Paul and Claire

Guv gets a few nibbles

Perhaps surprisingly, Wavy is spotted near the food

Mikey hugs Clare

and then dances for a bit

Mikey-P's dad (Mr. P)

Wavy and Jon's folks bop

A streamer moment

At the bar

Jamie, Jon and Phil

Clare gets even more streamers in her hair

Bill dances with Ruth

Some guy hides under a table and takes photos

Jess contemplates the remains of an AfterShock blazer

Mikey-P gets the munchies and eats a carnation

In true Wedding Reception style: 'Oops, upside your head' gets the crowd on the floor doing that weird floor-slapping thing

What is that all about?

Wavy in the spotlight

The bride and groom walk through a tunnel of people

Nosher gets the inside view

Clare says goodbye to Ricey

Andy and Mikey on the way out

Mikey awaits Clare in the car

The assembled crowd wave the newleyweds off

Meanwhile, back in the Grange, another Aftershock blue-blazer moment

Paul takes time out in a corner

Guv really gets into it

Jackie and Jen do a twirl

A lovely plate made with the handprints of Jimmy's three daughters. Nosher thought this was sooo sweet

Jess, Jenn, Guv, Phil and Wavy crash round Nosher's after the do. On the way home, Wavy and Jen fall through a hedge and end up on the side of the road.

Back at Nosher's, Guv zeds out

Jen looks like she's getting it on with her rucksack

Wavy joins guv on the 'Zed Bed'

The following morning, Wavy has a blow on a cornet

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Alison, Margaret and Guenever in the SCC Social Club