In The Swan, Alan's down the cellar

In The Swan, Alan's down the cellar

Barrels of beer in the Swan's cellar

Gas and beer-dispense equipment

More cellared barrels

Suey's got a cat

Suey watches at the cat stretches out

Marc and DH

Alan and Sylvia

Marc does the fruit machine

DH with a tartan scarf

Marc's not won anything yet

Curled-up Circle Cat

Vimto the cat perches on a bar stool

Dan, Richard and Roger in Browne's of Diss

Jen and Jess

The band on stage at the Banham Barrel

Bill dances with Sophie

Dancing crowds in the Banham Barrel

Gov and Claire

Bill's got another dance partner

Wavy roams around with a pint

Phil, Jess, Jen and the gang

Bill sits this one out

Wavy and The Boy Phil in the kebab shop